“I am King David, son of Jesse.
I have Parkinson's disease.
To most in the world,

I am the shepherd boy who slew Goliath,
That's right… with just a pebble and a sling.
I was recently noted to be the first named person with Parkinson's.
I provided you ample clues 3000 years ago.
The clues were finally connected by a current scribe.
He is a surgeon.
He also has Parkinson's disease.

Parkinson’s disease was present for ages before it was named by the Englishman. Forensic evidence is presented in this text that supports David as the first recognizable person with Parkinson’s disease. Furthermore, King David proclaimed seven rules for better living with Parkinson’s disease that are just as real today as they were 3000 years ago. And just perhaps.... Parkinson’s disease altered Western civilization.

"My Christian name is Adolf Hitler.
My Aryan title is Fuehrer of the Third Reich.

Those closest to me often call me Wolf.

Very few know it, but…

I have Parkinson's disease.

This – my personal story – has never been told.

My special 'ghostwriter' captured reality with an unusual twist.
You may find this bizarre… but I trust him.
His insight is unique.
Aryan blood must flow through his veins.
He also has Parkinson's disease."

YES, Hitler had Parkinson’s and it influenced the person, if not the war. The surgeon/author “sculpted” the events of the embattled Hitler facing his demons. The facts are consistent with history; so is the fiction. You will get a new insight into the mind of Hitler.

I am Lorenzo de Medici.

Some call me il Magnifico…

Others, the Godfather of the Renaissance.

My grandfather’s genius fostered Europe’s greatest bank…

and Medeci wealth.

Had we not embraced the sin of usery

(the lending of money for interest),

you may have never heard of us.

After all, where there is no wealth… there is no art.

As my health declined, I focused more on the arts.

The following story reveals the verities of my life...

and likely yours.

You must understand:

My reported genius simply reflected a battle for my soul.


There had to be lessons to be learned! Off to Florence! Dante, St. Francis, the Medici. Bizarre encounters revealed new twists on “established” concepts. Is that the Star of David or the Seal of Solomon? This report is a literary soup of the past mixed inseparably with the present and stirred briskly by the film crew of Dan Brown’s Inferno. William Faulkner kept popping up. You will have a hard time accepting some of this. It is all true! Mostly.

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Small town Mississippi surgeon, age 36, discovers a low-risk, high-return trading system that lasts 14 years. He then struggles to identify a new strategy. Throughout the ups and downs, his Hebrew uncle, warmly referred to as Feter Sol, offers sage advice gained from a life of conflict. Lifting a complex veil, he relates the verities of life.