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Historical figures struggled with motor disorders, likely Parkinson's Disease.

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Day Trading with My Hebrew Uncle


C. Randle Voyles MD enjoyed a surgical career spanning three decades prior to his Parkinson’s-induced transition to creative writing. As an early proponent of laparoscopic surgery, he performed 6000 cholecystectomies and  gave academic presentations in almost half the United States and on 4 continents. His professional contributions were recognized in Consumer Reports, the New York Times, and the Wall Street Journal.  

After being sidelined from surgery, his focus shifted to creative writing about the “verities of life” as displayed by previously displaced world leaders. Subjects include King David (Parkinson’s First Hero), Lorenzo de Medici (Godfather of the Renaissance) and Adolf Hitler (Parkinson’s Man of Evil). With a different twist, he stirred a different pot in Day Trading with my Hebrew Uncle.

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Small town Mississippi surgeon, age 36, discovers a low-risk, high-return trading system that lasts 14 years. He then struggles to identify a new strategy. Throughout the ups and downs, his Hebrew uncle, warmly referred to as Feter Sol, offers sage advice gained from a life of conflict. Lifting a complex veil, he relates the verities of life. 

   As a finance academic, I find this story to be most interesting. Early on, the author recognized an inefficiency and applied a simple model to confirm his observation. As such, the work represents a nice case study of how traders find and exploit inefficiencies and how markets evolve in response to their actions. There is just the right amount of detail on the investment side - enough to understand what is going on, but not too much to bore the reader who has only a casual interest in finance.


   More broadly, the book is full of wisdom - about finance but equally about life. This wisdom comes out naturally in the context and flow of the story, which is at times both funny and poignant. It is an easy and enjoyable read, and I would recommend it highly to students of finance, which I hope includes many of us, but also to anyone looking for some illumination.


Professor Robert Whitelaw

NYU, Stern Business School

Stale prices and strategies for trading mutual funds.

Financial Analysts Journal 58 (4), 53-71 (July, 2003)







A charming book...evidence that points to King David having Parkinson's is quite convincing..My favorite part is chapter 4: "Hubris in the Palace;"a delightful dramatization between King David, son Solomon, and Zadok the Priest.



I just read almost all of Midnight in Florence (while on my stationary bike) and recommend it highly. This is clever, well-written and food for thought. I mean really really clever! Thanks for writing this. I'm eager to read them all.


History brought alive!

I only wish your book had been available prior to my recent trip to Florence.







Following the trail of Uncle Solomon to Faroes & Blue Lagoon in Iceland



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